Market Tips:

Collecting Trading Buying Selling Old Stocks

Old stock and bond deals can be fun , buyers and traders look to gain every advantage they can to try and predict what the collectible market is likely to be next. For some traders this means collecting Railroads , Automobile or certificates from certain States!

The shares have no investment value, the value is in the collectable item.

Once stock and bond certificates were considered wallpaper after companies had gone bankrupt or out of  business.  Today they offer financial history to collectors in the hobby.  We have many IMM  Titanic , from hotels , autos  cars , dot coms , airlines , trains & railroads Ocean City RR that could make a great gift for birthdays or holidays for that stockbroker. Stock certificates are sold as gifts, collectibles or novelty items.  We do not transfer ownership of shares.


We do not sell stock certificates as an investment, but rather marketed as historic documents.  Single share certificates were purchased from a registered broker-dealer that is not affiliated with eoldstocks.com or Keith owner of eoldstocks.com

Keith nor any other person associated with eoldstocks.com is associated with a broker-dealer.

These single share certificates are marketed as historical documents as gifts, not investments.  These collectible stock certificates are sold for at least twice the value of the underlying share of stock.  Single share certificates will be written or stamped on the back "non-redeemable" and "non-transferable."