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Albany Insurance Company Stock 1912 $45











American Amicable Life Insurance Co. unissued Collie & Baby $18 













The American Tobacco Company Stock $8




The American Tobacco Company Stock $8













Consumers Power Company 1976 $5000 Bond $20


GSC Enterprises $5








Great Northern Nekoosa Corporation




Great Northern Nekoosa Corporation









W T Grant Company Grants Department Stores 1931 Stock



Great Northern Paper Co. 100 Shares Green $8









Jersey City $1000 1924 Tax Bond $35

Knott & Sullivan Insurance Agency $10

Logan Paint & Hardware Co. $10








Macy Credit Corp $1000 Bond Certificate 1976 $14


Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Company Bond $6










Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Company Bond $6



Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Company Bond $6










Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Company Bond $6











Mississippi River Corporation 100 Shares Orange $5

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance 1867 Multi Vignettes Newark NJ $65

New York State Power Authority 1961 $1000 Revenue Bond $30










North American Utility Securities Corporation $35



Parke Davis & Co. Drug Company Brown 100 Share Stock Certificate $12











Philadelphia Electric Company Stock $19




Philadelphia Electric Company Stock $19













PHL Corp $5









The United Corporation 1949 100 shares orange $15

Trans Beacon Corporation 100 Shares orange $13

Wright Tyndale Van Roden of Philadelphia Fine China Company $10








We do not sell stock certificates as an investment, but rather marketed as historic documents.  Single share certificates were purchased from a registered broker-dealer that is not affiliated with or Keith owner of

Keith nor any other person associated with is associated with a broker-dealer.

These single share certificates are marketed as historical documents as gifts, not investments.  These collectible stock certificates are sold for at least twice the value of the underlying share of stock.  Single share certificates will be written or stamped on the back "non-redeemable" and "non-transferable."

Florida residents pay sales tax.



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